Core Courses


ABE 232/AFST 233 -Context in International Interventions An exploration of the progress and pitfalls of a real-life engineering project in Nigeria to make the case for Contextual Engineering, which evaluates non-technical influences to determine the likelihood that an infrastructure intervention will work for a particular international community. While engineering principles will be included in this course, non-engineers are encouraged to enroll and learn about the relationship between technical and social sciences when working on an international project in Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond. 3 credits GEN ED COURSE IN NON-WESTERN CULTURE STUDIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES!

ABE 532 – Advanced Context in International Interventions Contextual Engineering addresses the loss of infrastructure usability, sustainability, and resiliency in non-industrialized societal settings that often results from disconnects and differing objectives among stakeholders. Using case studies and technical infrastructure designs, the impacts of globalization, Western attitudes, power dynamics, and place-based knowledge are explored and applied to engineering design and implementation processes. Application of these concepts will then be conducted for specific design efforts associated with the student’s own discipline.   4 credits.