Current Research Initiatives

(Stay tuned for an updated Projects page with more information and results … coming soon)


  • Rural Mental Health Contextualization; examining the availability of services, need for treatment, and impediments to service delivery for rural communities coping with increasing depression, anxiety, and stress. Research in partnership with Social Work faculty and Applied Research Institute Algorithm & Software scientists. Funding support from the University of Illinois Center for Social and Behavioral Sciences.


  • Economic Impact to Rural Communities resulting from climate change; examining U.S. farming communities and how context governs decision-making in agriculture to affect community practices and economies. Research in partnership with Atmospheric Sciences and Agricultural & Consumer Economics faculty, and Applied Research Institute Algorithm & Software scientists at University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana; and Economics and Management, Marketing & Operations faculty from University of Illinois Springfield.


  • Contextual Examination of National Service Organization; examining the foundational objectives, organizational dynamics, and performance impediments from both the top-down structure and bottom-up experience for a large service organization supporting undergraduate learning and entrepreneurship.


  • Addressing Indigenous Context in design of water/power systems for the Navajo Nation; examining the application of context to understand Navajo needs, values, and capabilities when designing a microgrid solar power system to drive pumps for a contextually designed water system for Bodaway Gap Chapter.


  • Contextualizing Coastline Community Response to Great Lakes shoreline erosion; examining community needs and interrelationships throughout the Great Lakes basin so that synergistic activities may be identified to support sustainability of coastlines through the increasing uncertainty associated with climate change impacts.